Whether you need A-Scans, B-Scans, pachymeters, UBM, or a combination unit, EMS has what you need. We carry new and pre-owned ultrasounds and pachymeters from manufacturers such as Reichert Technologies, Accutome, Sonomed Escalon, and DGH. At EMS, all used ophthalmic equipment is refurbished and recalibrated back to factory specifications by our highly-experienced technicians. Search our catalog to find the perfect equipment for your practice’s needs.

If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us, as we have new ophthalmic equipment arriving daily.

About Ultrasounds & Pachymeters

Ultrasound testing is an easy way for eyecare physicians visualize ocular pathology and anatomy since the eye is a fluid-filled structure.  Sound waves are produced and then bounce back to the transducer off of the eye’s tissue.  This results in electrical impulses that are translated into an image or other data.  The two main types of ultrasounds used in ophthalmology are A-Scans and B-Scans, used mainly to calculate corrective lens power needs.  Other uses include measuring tumors, visualizing lens dislocation, and detecting retinal detachment.  Ultrasound examination is especially useful in patients with dense cataracts where the fundus is obscured and cannot be seen with a slit lamp or IOL Master.

Enhanced Medical Services carries a wide range of new and pre-owned ultrasound and pachymetry equipment from Reichert, Accutome, Sonomed, DGH, and more.  Whether you need A-Scans, B-Scans, Pachymeters, UBM, or a combination unit, EMS has what you need.