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About Keratometers

A keratometer, also known as an ophthalmometer, is an ophthalmic instrument mainly used to determine astigmatism in the eye. It measures the image size reflected from two paracentral points on the corneal surface to determine its curvature. Keratometry is also an important measurement in cataract surgery and can be used to detect corneal degeneration, dystrophy, and keratoconus. There are two types of keratometers. Javal-Schiotz keratometers have fixed image and doubling size (2 positions) and adjustable object size to determine curve radius.  Bosch & Lomb keratometers are single position instruments. Object size is fixed, and image size is adjusted to calculate curvature. Modern instrumentation often combines the keratometer with an autorefractor so physicians can measure corneal curvature and refractive power with one device.