Non-Contact Tonometers

Enhanced Medical Services offers a variety of non-contact tonometers (NCTs) from Reichert, Topcon, Keeler, and more. Whether you are looking for the newest technology or prefer to save your budget with expertly refurbished used ophthalmic equipment, EMS has an NCT to fit your needs. Our pre-owned devices are refurbished, recalibrated, and recertified by technicians with extensive experience in the eyecare industry. Plus, our equipment warranties provide peace of mind when purchasing pre-owned.

If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us, as we have new ophthalmic equipment arriving daily.

About Non-Contact Tonometers

Measuring eye pressure, or intraocular pressure (IOP), is an important part of a comprehensive eye exam. Tonometry determines this pressure by measuring the resistance of the cornea to indentation. Non-contact tonometry, also known as air-puff tonometry, measures IOP using a puff of air to applanate the cornea. The non-contact tonometer (NCT) records the force of the air column at the moment the cornea flattens and then calculates the fluid pressure in the eye. IOP is an important measurement in evaluating patients at risk of glaucoma as high eye pressure can damage the nerve fibers in the back of the eye. Unlike applanation tonometers, the NCT test is non-invasive so numbing drops to not need to be administered prior to testing making it particularly useful with children and sensitive adults.