Optical Biometers

Enhanced Medical Services provides eyecare professionals with cutting-edge technology. Purchase the latest in new optical biometers from industry leaders such as Topcon or save your budget with a pre-owned biometer that has been recalibrated and recertified to factory specifications by our expert technicians. EMS also has an exclusive partnership with Zeiss to provide the industry with Factory Authorized refurbished IOLs that include officially licensed software and replacement parts. Additionally, warranties ensure 100% satisfaction on used ophthalmic equipment from EMS.

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About Optical Biometers

Non-invasive optical biometry is the industry standard for taking intraocular lens (IOL) power calculations.  Optical biometers are used to take anatomical measurements of the eye, including axial length (AL), lens and retinal thickness, pachymetry, and anterior chamber depth (ACD).  Anterior segment biometry measures the front third of the eye.  These measurements are used prior to cataract surgery in order to ensure optimal outcomes.  Using a partially coherent wave that has approximately nine times the resolution of a 10 MHz ultrasound wave makes optical biometry ultra-precise.  Without the need for physical contact with the cornea, the risk of variations due to compression are eliminated.  Additionally, optical biometers measure the refractive axial length while ultrasound biometers only the measure anatomic axial length.