Enhanced Medical Services carries a wide variety of phoropters for the eyecare practice including instrumentation from manufacturers such as Reichert, Topcon, Marco, and more. Whether you prefer the latest new instrumentation or our budget-saving pre-owned equipment, our experts can get you what you need. All pre-owned inventory has been refurbished and recalibrated back to factory specifications by our expert technicians, and equipment warranties ensure customer satisfaction with every order.

If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us, as we have new ophthalmic equipment arriving daily.

About Phoropters

The phoropter, also known as a refractor, is an essential instrument for any eyecare practice.  It measures spherical power, cylindrical power, and cylindrical axis was well as pupillary distance.  With these, the optometrist or ophthalmologist can determine a patient’s eyeglass or contact lens prescription.  The phoropter consists of a variety of cylindrical and spherical lenses and is used with auxiliary devices such as Maddox rods, filtered lenses, prisms, and the Jackson Cross-Cylinder (JCC) which is used to measure astigmatism.  Typically, ophthalmologists use plus cylinder phoropters while optometrists use minus cylinder.  During the phoropter exam, the patient looks through the device at an eye chart while the physician changes out the lenses and other settings.  It is a subjective test, so the patient must provide feedback on which settings provide better vision.  Auto phoropters digitally automate the refraction exam by allowing the physician to control the lens settings from a control panel.