Reichert Ultramatic RX Master Phoropter (New & Pre-Owned)

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The original and best refracting instrument, Phoroptor continues to be the industry standard after more than 90 years, offering world-renown mechanical quality and craftsmanship. The Reichert Phoroptor is the only refracting instrument completely designed and manufactured in the United States. Each Phoroptor is made of nearly 1,000 pieces, assembled by hand in our Buffalo, New York factory.

Every Phoroptor has that unmistakable feel of quality. The smooth rotation of the dials. The virtual absence of play in the mechanisms. The precise, solid click of the control knobs. Constant reminders that you're using the world's finest refracting instrument. It's a fit and feel no one can duplicate, any more than they can duplicate the Phoroptor's optical quality, accuracy and reliability.

While you might refer to a refracting instrument as just a "phoropter," the original, trademarked, patented and most trusted name is the Phoroptor from Reichert. We trademarked the name in 1921. The proper spelling is with an “or.” Remember, "refractor" is spelled with an "or" and so is Phoroptor.


  • New
  • Pre-Owned
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  • Lens position and power verified by an auto-indexing, PC-based lensmeter
  • Precision geared rotary prism for more precise interpolation of small prism diopters
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • No plastic internal components
  • Legendary feel - smoothness and positive detents that made the Phoroptor famous
  • Ultramatic RX Master Phoroptor Catalog Numbers:
  • 11625B Minus Cylinder - Black
  • 11635B Plus Cylinder - Black
  • 11625W Minus Cylinder - White
  • 11635W Plus Cylinder - White

  • Included Accessories (no extra cost):

  • ± .25 Flip cross cylinder
  • + 1.50 Retinoscopic Lenses
  • Accessory Case
  • 3 pair nylon face shields
  • Rotochart
  • Reading rod with card holder
  • Optional Accessories (no extra cost)*:
  • Flip cross cylinder lenses

  • +.37D Flip cross cylinder
  • + .50 Flip cross cylinder (Replaces the .25 flip cross cylinder lenses
  • Retinoscopic lenses

  • +2.00 Retinoscopic lenses (Replaces the 1.50 retinoscopic lenses)

  • Sphere:
  • -19.00D to +16.75D
  • 0.25D Steps
  • +0.12D Sphere in auxiliary dial included

  • Cylinder Power:
  • 0.00D to 6.00D
  • 0.25D Steps
  • Plus or minus lens system optional 0.12D and 2.00D accessory cells included

  • Cylinder Axis:
  • 360 degrees (Double 0 to 180 degrees scale)
  • 5 degrees graduations

  • Cross Cylinder:
  • ± 0.25
  • ± 0.37 or ± 0.05 Optional

  • Prism:
  • 0 to 20 Prism Diopter, 1 Prism Diopter graduations

  • P.D.:
  • 48 mm to 75 mm, 1 mm graduations

  • Vertex Distance:
  • 13.75 mm (normal)
  • Graduations extend range by 6 mm

  • Reading Distance:
  • 5 to 28 inches
  • Centimeter and diopter scales included

  • Auxiliary Dial:
  • 10 lenses plus 2 open apertures

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