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About Autorefractor & Keratometers

Autorefractor/keratometers (ARKs) are computerized devices that provide both refractive testing and keratometry measurements. This allows eyecare professionals to determine both a baseline for the patient’s prescription as well as the curvature of the cornea for contact lenses.

Autorefractors measure refractive error by evaluating how light is affected when it enters the eye. Patients are shown an image that goes in and out of focus while the device measures reflections from a cone of infrared light. The instrument can determine when the patient’s eye comes into proper focus, and after repeating the process multiple times, it can calculate the proper prescription for the patient.

Keratometers, also known as an ophthalmometers, measure the image size reflected from two points on the surface of the cornea to determine its curvature, and thus a patient’s astigmatism.