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Topcon TRC-NW500 Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera

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The Topcon NW500 captures enhanced quality color fundus retinal images of pupils as small as 2mm in diameter. Its slit scan technology produces sharp-quality images regardless of room light settings, with more consistency, even when imaging through small pupils.

Innovative slit scan illumination and rolling shutter mechanism in the NW500 makes it possible to obtain excellent quality color fundus images with less flare and shadow. The slit scan technology enables consistent imaging across the traditional three fixation positions, Disc, Center and Macula, as well as the nine fixation positions for peripheral photography.

Compared to the conventional fundus camera, the operation and shooting processing speed were improved with the new equipped a high-spec processor. Capturing of both eyes can be completed within about 30 seconds.


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Robotic fundus camera
Enhanced image quality with 12 mp sensor
Small pupil photography 2.0mm or more
Rapid and simple - capture by a single touch
Multiple connectivity options
50 degree field of view
Stereoscopic Photography
Bilateral 2-field photography

Angular field of view: 50 degrees
Operating distance: 35.5mm (1.4in)
Pupil diameter for photography:
Normal: φ2.5mm or more
Small pupil diameter: φ2.0mm or more (confirmed with model eyes)
Resolving power on fundus:
Color image-capturing
Center: 60 lp/mm or more
Middle (r/2): 40 lp/mm or more
Periphery (r): 25 lp/mm or more
Measuring range for the dioptric power of the patient’s eye:
-33D to +40D
-13D to +12D (When used without diopter correction lens)
-33D to -12D (When used with the minus diopter correction lens)
+11D to +40D (When used with the plus diopter correction lens)
Internal fixation target:
The display method is adjustable:
Steady light/Blinking light
Blinking speed
External fixation target: LED
Auxiliary functions for photography:
Auto-focus (Usable only when used without diopter correction lens)
Auto-shoot (Usable only when used without diopter correction lens)
Auto-small pupil (Usable only when used without diopter correction lens)

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