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Topcon SOLOS Automatic Lens Analyzer

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With a single touch, the Topcon SOLOS automatically positions each lens, detects the lens type, and performs comprehensive measurements of both lenses within a spectacle frame. This innovative device combines a mapping-type lensmeter with a full-range spectrometer and lens marking for advanced lens analysis.

The spectral transmittance meter is designed to measure light wavelength transmission in all types of lens material. The transmittance graph helps explain the benefits of UV-A and blue light protection to the eyeglass purchaser. Measurement results can be sent to the built-in printer and can be exported to an EMR, Topcon’s CV-5000S digital phoropter, or Chronos binocular refraction system.


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  • Automated, one-touch operation
  • Lens mapping
  • UV-A, blue light and visible light transmittance measurements
  • Automatic marking
  • Automatic lens type detection
  • Wireless data transfer
  • Extended measurement ranger (up to +/- 20D)
  • Dimensions: W245mm x H450mm x D354mm
  • Weight: Net Weight: 8kg
  • Printer: Internal (thermal)
  • Screen: Touch screen LCD/16M colors, 7”
  • Light source: Green e-line source
  • Working conditions: 10°C to 40°C
  • Power supply: AC 100 - 240V — 50/60Hz
  • Classification: Class I Medical Device – EU Regulation 2017/745
  • Standards: ISO 8598
  • Data output: LAN, Wi-Fi
  • Sphere power: -20D ~ +20D (step 0.01, 0.125, 0.25D)
  • Cylinder power: -10D ~ +10D (step 0.01, 0.125, 0.25D)
  • Cylinder axis: 0 ~ 180° (step 1°)
  • Addition power: -4D ~ +4D (step 0.01, 0.125, 0.25D)
  • Prism power: -10D ~ +10D (step 0.01)
  • PD measurement: Mono / Bino
  • Cylinder: - / +
  • Spectrometer: 315nm - 800nm
  • Automatic Marking: Optical Center and Axis (framed glasses or uncut lenses)

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