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Potec PDR-7000 Digital Refractor

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The Potec PDR-7000 Digital Refractor has been redesigned to be smaller and slimmer. The logical tactical buttons in combination with the touch screen makes the PDR-7000 easy to use. Increase your efficiency with features like Dual Cross Cylinder, programmable exam sequences and wireless interface with pre-test equipment. Veatch Ophthalmic Instruments has over two decades of experience with Digital Refraction and that expertise is reflected in the features of the PDR-7000.


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Ergonomic design – The wide 40 degree View improves the patient’s field of view
Extended lens array – The PDR-7000 includes the same full range of lenses as a manual refractor: 29.00 to + 26.75 D Sph / 0.00 to 8.75 D Cyl
Quick lens delivery – The fast speed of the stepper motors delivers the lenses to the patient rapidly to speed the exam process and reduce patient confusion
Risley prism standard – No upcharge
Forehead sensor – Confirms the patient is properly alignment to avoid refraction errors
Left/Right independent PD adjustment for fine adjustment
Decrease refraction and transcription errors, increase efficiency and throughput
Data is digitally imported from pretest equipment
Intuitive easy-to-use interface offers a 10.4″ color touch screen that can be tilted and swiveled for easy access from any angle
The control panel contains a jog dial to provide fast lens delivery

Sphere Power(SPH)
Measurement range -29.00 ~ +26.75D(general)
-19.00 ~ +16.75D(cross cylinder or prism)
Measurement unit 0.12D/0.25D/0.5D/1.00D
Cylinder Power(CYL)
Measurement range 0D ~ ±8.75D
Measurement unit 0.25D/0.5D/1D/2D/3D
Measurement range 0° ~ 180°
Measurement unit 1°/5°/15°
Interpupillary Distance
Measurement range 48 ~ 80mm. measurement distance: 35 ~ 70cm
Measurement unit 0.5mm/1mm
Prism degree
Measurement range 0△ ~ 20△
Measurement unit 0.1△/0.5△/2△
Prism angle
Measurement range 0° ~ 360°
Measurement unit 1°/5°
Cross cylinder
automatic cross cylinder(±0.25D)
±0.25D cross cylinder
±0.50D cross cylinder
Subsidiary Lens
P.D/cover/pin hole(2mm)/(polarized light filter(45°/135°)
madox road(right eye: horizontality, left eye: verticality)
red-green filter(right eye: red filter, left eye: green filter)
polarized light filter(right eye: 135°, 45°)(left eye: 45°, 135°)
seperation prizm(right eye: 6△BU, left eye: 10△BU)
Refractor 323-389(W)x245(D)x59(H)mm/ 3.7kg
Controller 260(W)x230(D)x58(H)mm/ 3.1kg(printer included)
Junction box 210(W)x190(D)x70(H)mm/ 2.1kg(printer included)

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