Lightmed Truscan Pro Laser | Enhanced Medical Services
Lightmed Truscan Pro Laser | Enhanced Medical Services
Lightmed Truscan Pro Laser | Enhanced Medical Services

LIGHTMED LIGHTLas TruScan Pattern Scanning Photocoagulator

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The LIGHTMED LIGHTLas TruScan Pattern Scanning Multi-Wavelength Laser offers versatile, safe, and repeatable management for retinal pathologies and glaucoma. Pattern scanning laser delivery provides ophthalmologists with enhanced treatment outcomes in both continuous-wave (CW) and sub-threshold (SP) modalities.

The LIGHTLas TruScan is available with single or multiple wavelength options (532, 577, 670, 810) and includes the largest range of laser patterns. Moreover, the TruScan is the only laser on the market that allows you to add additional wavelength functionalities at any time.


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  • Choice of single or any combination of wavelengths (532nm Green, 577nm True-Yellow, 670nm Red, and 810nm Infrared)
  • Pattern scanning laser delivery
  • Ultra-Fast Galvo Slit Lamp Scanning System
  • Continuous-wave and sub-threshold modalities
  • Induction of relaxation duty cycles in the sub-threshold mode
  • Parfocal Continuously Variable Zoom Spot Control (50 - 1000 µm)
  • Widest range of laser patterns, including, circles, squares, lines, triangles, and arcs
  • Detachable Laser Console for OR
  • OR Remote Control Panel
  • 11.6" LCD touch screen interface
  • Wireless foot pedal
  • Safety glasses
  • Integrated Safety filter
  • Power Output:
  • Yellow (577nm): 2W (on Cornea)
  • Infrared (810nm): 3W (on Cornea)
  • Red (670nm): 700mW (on Cornea)
  • Green (532nm): 3W (on Cornea)

  • Wavelength:
  • Yellow: 577nm
  • Infrared: 810nm
  • Red: 670nm
  • Green: 532nm

  • Mode of Operation: Continuous Wave
  • Laser Type: Optically Pumped Dual Diode Solid State
  • Exposure Duration: 0.015 – 3.0s, continuously variable
  • Repeat Interval: 0.01 – 3.0s, and single

  • Micro Pulse Setting (disengaged in 670nm and 532nm mode):
  • Micro Pulse Duration: 200µs
  • Micro Pulse Duty Cycle: 10%
  • Micro Pulse Period: 1800µs

  • Pattern Scanning (disengaged in 670nm mode): Single, Line, Square (2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5), Macular Arc (single, double, triple ¼, ½, ¾), Circle, and Triangle – Spot width, density and 360 rotation available for each pattern.

  • Spot size:
  • Single Spot: Continuously variable 50µm to 1000µm
  • Scanning Patterns: Continuously variable 100µm to 500µm

  • Safety Class: Class 4
  • Aiming Laser: Red laser diode (650nm) 0.1 – 1.0mW continuously variable
  • Cooling System: Fan cooled and TEC’s for Laser Diode and Crystal

  • Dimensions:
  • TruScan Console: 12cm H x 38cm W x 40cm D
  • Complete System on Table: 75cm H x 120cm W x 42cm D
  • TruScan on Trolley: 90cm H x 45cm W x 46cm D

  • Weight:
  • Laser Console: 10kg
  • Complete System on Table: 92kg
  • System on Trolley: 72kg

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