Acuity Systems

Enhanced Medical Services offers an assorted selection of new and pre-owned visual acuity systems from the leading brands in the industry such as Reichert, Acuity Pro, and M&S Technologies. Whether you are looking for a simple acuity panel or a high-tech digital system to utilize in your office, EMS has a solution. Let one of our specialists customize a package to fit your needs and budget today.

If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us, as we have new ophthalmic equipment arriving daily.

About Acuity Systems

Visual acuity testing is a routine part of most eye exams.  It identifies patients’ visual clarity and sharpness by showing them charts containing various optotypes, colors, or patterns. Whereas these tests once were carried out with rudimentary cards or paper charts, digital visual acuity systems now streamline the process with high-resolution vision tests displayed on a flat-screen tv or computer monitor that can be coordinated via remote control.  Digital acuity panels can be set up to view directly or through mirrors.  Modern acuity systems include a vast array of tests such as Snellan charts, children’s acuity charts, red/green overlay, numbers acuity, quick contrast tests, fixation, and worth 4 dot tests.