Zeiss Opmi 1fc Microscope (pre Owned) 474a8289 | EMS
Zeiss Opmi 1fc Microscope (pre Owned) 474a8289 | EMS
Zeiss Opmi 1fc Microscope (pre Owned) 474a8292 | EMS
Zeiss Opmi 1fc Microscope (pre Owned) 474a8306 | EMS
Zeiss Opmi 1fc Microscope (pre Owned) 474a8301 | EMS
Zeiss Opmi 1fc Microscope (pre Owned) 474a8295 | EMS

Zeiss OPMI 1FC Microscope (Pre-Owned)

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The space-saving Zeiss OPMI 1FC surgical microscope delivers high-quality images with precision and reliability. Legendary Zeiss optics, fine focus functionality, and easily accessible brightness adjustments make this microscope ideal for routine examinations and surgical procedures.

The OPMI 1FC features a 5-step magnification changer with a wide range of objective focal distances (200-400 mm). Images can be captured and stored digitally using a compact digital camera and displayed live on a monitor during surgery using an added video camera.

When mounted on the S100 stand, the OPMI 1FC is easy to maneuver into almost any position. When not in use, the unit can be conveniently moved and compactly folded up.


  • Pre-Owned
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Manual, 5-step magnification changer, magnification factor g = 0.4x – 2.5x
Focusing system
Manual, using the focus adjusting knob, focusing range: 40 mm
Objective lenses
Different focal lengths from f = 200 mm to f = 400 mm, graded in steps of 50 mm
Tubes, Eyepieces
– Straight binocular tube, f = 170 mm, 12.5x widefield eyepieces (option: 10x)
– 45° Inclined tube, f = 170 mm (optional)
– 180° Tiltable tube f = 170 mm or f = 200 mm (optional)
– Foldable Tube f170/f260, including PROMAG™ function for additional 50% magnification and integrated rotate function (optional)
Coaxial illumination 100 W halogen lamp, backup lamp in fast-action lamp changer
Rated voltage
115 V / 230 V ± 10%
Rated frequency
50 – 60 Hz
Power consumption
115 VAC max. 2.0 A
230 VAC max. 1.0 A
Fuse link
115 V ~ T 6.3 A / H 250 V
230 V ~ T 3.15 A / H 250 V
Maximum load on suspension arm
2.5 to 7.0 kg (complete microscope equipment including accessories and coupling)

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