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Topcon TRC-NW8F Plus Myd/Non-Myd Retinal Camera (New & Pre-Owned)

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The Topcon TRC-NW8F Plus Mydriatic/Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera is built for ease of use and long-term durability. This camera brings all the benefits of non-mydraitic and mydriatic imaging technology into one instrument. The high-quality capturing sensor of the TRC-NW8F Plus ensures continuity and consistency in image quality, even as technology changes.

The camera’s internal firmware that simplifies communication with the IMAGEnet® 5 capturing system. The TRC-NW8F Plus has nine internal fixation points, enabling the composition of wide angle views of the retina.


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  • Multi-function capture features include color fundus, red-free images, and Fundus AutoFluorescence (FAF)
  • Exclusive Spaide FAF filters
  • Automatic focus and capture of images
  • Smart software avoids mistakes during capture
  • Programmed link and small pupil recognition
  • Increased patient comfort with low intensity flash
  • 2 megapixel resolution
  • Stereo capture for creating two consecutive images
  • Optional upgrade with fluorescein angiography
  • Picture Angel: 45° 30°

  • Working Distance: 40.7mm

  • Photographable Area of Pupil: ɸ4.0mm or more, ɸ3.3mm or more when the small pupil diaphragm is used

  • Type of Photography: Color photography, Red-free photography, FA photography and FAF photography

  • Focus Range to Correct the Refractive Errors of the Patient’s Eye: Without correction lens: -13D to +12D, With minus correction lens: -33D to -12D, With plus correction lens: +9D to +40D

  • Auxiliary function for photography: Auto focus function (Used only within the split line working range. This function can be turned ON/OFF)

  • Fixation Target: Internal / External fixation target can be selected. Internal fixation target: Center / Periphery, Right / Left eye automatic detection, Optional position presetting function

  • Base Movement: Back-forth: 46mm, Right-left: 100mm, Up-down: 30mm

  • Chinrest Movement: 67mm

  • Power source: Frequency: 50 / 60Hz Voltage: AC100-240V

  • Weight: 23.8kg (without external fixation target)

  • Dimensions: 274(W) x 508(D) x 536-566(H)mm

  • Power consumptions: 400VA (Maximum), 100VA (Normal)

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