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Optovue iScan OCT (Pre-Owned)

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The Optovue iScan OCT comes in two models that provide different levels of analysis for ocular pathology diagnosis and management. Both Optovue iScan OCT models use automatic eye detection, camera alignment, and scan signal strength optimization to produce consistent scan acquisition. Each iScan OCT is software-assisted and provides ophthalmologists with a complete iWellness SD-OCT scan to assist with early diagnosis of eye diseases like glaucoma.

The iScan Essential OCT model includes retinal mapping, which allows ophthalmologists to assess retinal swelling and thinning, along with macular evaluation tools. The optic nerve head scan provides measurement of the thickness of the retinal nerve fiber, cup/disc parameters, and an OU report that facilitates symmetry analysis.

The iScan Comprehensive OCT model takes retina mapping to the next level with a 3D retina scan that allows virtual dissection of the retina using ILM, IPL, and RPE reference planes. The Comprehensive model also offers 3D disc scan of the optic nerve along with cross-section analysis and GCC analysis. In addition, the iScan Comprehensive OCT offers corneal analysis with pachymetry and angle measurement.


  • Pre-Owned
Features Specifications Financing
  • iScan Essential OCT and iScan Comprehensive OCT
  • Automatic Eye detection
  • Automatic camera alignment
  • Automatic scan signal strength optimization
  • Consistent scan acquisition
  • iWellness SD-OCT scan
  • Compact and portable
  • Software-assisted OCT
  • iScan Essential OCT:

  • Retina map
  • Macular evaluation
  • Optic Nerve Head Scan
  • OU Report for symmetry analysis
  • iScan Comprehensive OCT:

  • 3D retina scan with ILM, IPL, and RPE reference planes
  • HD crossline scan
  • 3D disc scan shows optic nerve in cross-section
  • GCC analysis helps identify ganglion cell loss
  • Pachymetry
  • Angle measurement
  • Weight: 43 lbs
  • Dimensions: 20 L x 16 W x 18 H (inches)
  • Requires mouse and keyboard for operation (not included)

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