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Marco TS-310 Tabletop Refractor

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The TS-310 tabletop refractor is a tabletop subjective refraction system that integrates chart and refractor into a single unit. Marco’s recognized quality examination is embodied in a new, groundbreaking design that redefines the conventional refraction systems and significantly minimizes the examination footprint. The TS-310 tabletop refractor fulfills the need for simple and reliable refraction equipment, in an attractive design, wherever space limitations exist.


Flexible Measurements: Regardless of personal measurement style, or sitting / standing ergonomic preferences, the TS-310 ensures comfortable examinations.

5.7" Touchscreen: The 5.7-inch color LCD touch screen displays all data with high visibility. Simple, understandable, and comfortable user interfaces ensure an effective operation

Ambidextrous Controls: Ambidextrous Controls and dial button with S/C/A mode key allows for quick and smooth refractive value changes.

Ergonomic Design: Beautiful ergonomic design enhances a stress-free examination environment for both operator and patient, while maintaining superior accuracy.

Smooth Lens Change: Speedy, smooth and quiet lens changing enables operator to make minute changes of prescription at the touch of a button.

Specifications Financing
Chart Type T, UK, M, P, PhM
Refraction Distance Distance: 5 m, Near: 40 cm
Mask Horizontal line, Vertical line, Single letter
Filter Red / Green
Binocular vision test Red-green, Prism
Display 5.7-inch Color
Printer High Speed Line Printer
The refractor head vertical motion unit Is at the bottom 446 (W) x 519 (D) x 763 (H) mm
17.6 (W) x 20.4 (D) x 30.0 (H) in
The refractor head vertical motion unit Is at the top 446 (W) x 487 (D) x 907 (H) mm
17.6 (W) x 19.2 (D) x 35.7 (H) in
Mass 32 kg, 70.5 lbs
Standard Accessories Forehead Rest, Face Shields, VD Check Adapter, Stylus Pen, Printer Paper, Dust Cover, Power Cord, Cover Plate, Cap, Screw, Hexagonal Wrench, Phillips Screwdriver
Optional Accessories Eye Care Card, Communication Cable For An Auto Refractometer, Communication Cable For A Computer, Control Box Tray
Measurable range Sphere: -19.00 to +16.75 D (0.25 / 0.5 to 3 D increments)
Cylinder: 0.00 to ±6.00 D (0.25 / 1 D increments)
Axis: 0 to 180° (1°/5° increments)
PD: 48 to 80 mm 5, 4 to 80 mm (100% convergence possible PD)
Prism: 0 to 20Δ (0.1 / 0.5 / 2Δ increments)
Visual Field 40° (VD = 12 mm), 39° (VD = 13.75 mm)
Forehead Rest Adjustment 14 ±2 mm
Vertex Distance Marking 12, 13.75, 16, 18, 20 mm
Level Adjustment ±2.5°
Refractor Arm Electrically-Driven
Up-&-Down Of Refractor Arm 190 mm
Cross Cylinder Lens ±0.25 D
Occluder Available
Pinhole Plate ø2 mm
Red / Green Filter Right Eye: Red, Left Eye: Green
PD check lens Available
Fixed Cross Cylinder Lens ±0.50 D
Spherical Lenses For Retinoscope +1.5 / +2.0 D
Red Maddox Rod Right Eye: Horizontal, Left Eye: Vertical
Dissociation Prism Right Eye: 6ΔBU / Left Eye: 10ΔBI, Right Eye: 3ΔBD / Left Eye: 3ΔBU
Power Supply AC 100 to 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Power Consumption 130 VA

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