Kowa Non Mydratic Alpha-D Fundus Camera (Pre-Owned)

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The used nonmyd α-DIII is a compact non-mydriatic retinal camera with built-in 8 megapixel imaging sensor that combines advanced technology with modern design.

Lightweight, compact design
Integrated scientific 8mp imaging sensor
3 standard fixation targets
9 point internal fixation for auto mosaic
Small pupil mode
VK-2 imaging software included

High quality retinal imaging

The nonmyd α-DIII is a compact digital fundus camera that continues the Kowa tradition of electronic imaging excellence. The lightweight construction and internal scientific 8 megapixel sensor produce a robust camera that combines advanced technology with modern design. Connect to a computer via a USB interface to store, view and compare images in the Portable VK-2 digital imaging software. Two fixation modes enable the capture of 3 standard positions or an extended “mosaic” mode of 9 positions which can be merged into one panoramic image.
Easy operation

Rapid capture of fundus images is easy with the simple controls that are conveniently located at your fingertips. All controls are at your fingertips for ease of operation – simply align, focus and shoot.
Diabetic screening approval


  • Pre-Owned
Specifications Financing
  • Field angle: 45°/30° two optical angles
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Shooting mode: Normal/Mosaic (electronically switched)
  • Internal fixation target: Normal: 3 positions (Central, Disc, Macula) Mosaic 9 positions
  • Working distance: 30mm (distance of examined eye to the front end of the objective lens)
  • External fixation target: Red light (option)
  • Effective pupil diameter: Ø4mm (small pupil mode: Ø3.5mm)
  • Optical head base adjustment range: Forward/backward: 40mm
  • Leftward/rightward: 100mm
  • Vertical (electric): 30mm
  • Compensation range of examined eye
  • Without compensation:-15m (D)~+13m (D)
  • Compensation -:-12m (D)~-32m (D)
  • Compensation + :+10m (D)~+40m (D)

  • Optical head base adjustment range

  • Forward/backward: 40mm
  • Leftward/rightward: 100mm
  • Vertical (electric): 30mm
  • Focusing: Split luminous bars coincidence
  • Chin rest adjustment range 60mm (electric)
  • Working distance adjustment 2 luminous dots indication type (anterior segment/fundus electrically switched) Power supply

  • Input: AC 100V – AC240V 50/60Hz

  • Power consumption:
  • 150VA (normal)/250VA (maximum)
  • Monitor 5.7 inch LCD monitor
  • Dimensions 310 (W) X 505 (D) X 462(H)mm
  • Camera 8.3 megapixel CCD camera
  • Weight 22kg/48lbs

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