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Equinox Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)

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The Equinox Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) is a non-invasive, pain and stress-free treatment of dry eye and MGD for all patients regardless of skin type. No gel is required and the entire periocular area is treated using direct and indirect Photobiomodulation during the typical 15-minute application.

Our technology utilizes specially designed LED lights to deliver focused light of a specific color that target the cellular power plants of the cells – the mitochondria, via comfortable wearable mask technology. This photobiomodulation stimulates production of ATP – the energy that powers the cell. Our exclusive mask technology places the LEDs 5-10mm from the skin, optimizing treatment.

LLLT technology has been used in medicine for over 10 years but only until recently did doctors discover its benefit for dry eye conditions, as well as several other skin conditions.


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LLLT therapy is easy. The automated treatment software calculates the energy and duration of the process.
The painless, 15-minute procedure provides a comfortable patient experience with no gel required.
A unique, patented LED mask treats the periocular area efficiently.
LLLT is capable of producing results for the patient from the first treatment. In many cases, 1 or 2 treatments are enough.1
The instrument and software are upgradeable so you will always have the latest generation of equipment with new opportunities for innovative treatments.
Minimal economic commitment and low per patient costs make LLLT a great option for those launching services to treat periocular inflammatory conditions.


1. “Low level light therapy for the treatment of recalcitrant chalazia: a sample case summary,” – Stonecipher, Potvin
“Eye Surgery and Dry Eye” – L. Buratto, V. Sala

Main Control Unit:
Dimensions - 16” x11” x17”
Weight - 55 lbs.

Optional Cart:
Dimensions - 23” X 22” X 27”

Periocular & Face Mask LED LLLT Wavelengths:
Red - 633 nm
Blue - 400-450 nm
Yellow - 560-580 nm

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