Burton BR-8500 Manual Phoropter (New & Pre-Owned)

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The Burton BR-8500 has a proven attractive design and a comfortable feel to make the refraction process more relaxed. All the lenses are coated in high-grade plated film which eliminates any glare or ghost images.

Attractive proven design
Precision excellence in refraction
Cross cylinder and rotary prism wide field of view
Employs a unique mechanism in the convergence system
Greater testing range with the use of auxiliary lenses
Oil Free bearings provide greater precision and durability
Visual functions area available, such as binocular vision, stereopsis, aniseiconia ext
High-grade coating performed on all lens surfaces

The BR8500 manual phoroptor provides precision excellence in refractive setting. Spherical power ranges from -19.00D to +16.75D in 0.25D steps (-29.00DS to +26.75DS and ±0.12D steps with auxiliary lens). Cylindrical power ranges from 0 to -6.00D in 0.25D steps (0 to -8.00D with auxiliary lens). All the lenses are coated in high-grade plated film to eliminate any glare or ghost images.


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  • Level adjustment
  • One handed adjustment makes leveling easy.

  • Interpupillary Distance Adjustment
  • Located on both sides, the knobs enable smooth and quick adjustment. The pd adjustment ranges from 45mm(1.77in)-80mm(3.15in) in 1mm(0.004in) steps.

  • Adjusting Sphere Power Readings
  • Spherical power ranges from -19.00D to +16.75D in 0.25D steps (-29.00DS to +26.75DS and ±0.12D steps with auxiliary lens). Both sphere power knobs allow adjustment in ±3.00D steps when necessary.

  • Adjusting Cylinder Power and Axis
  • Cylindrical power ranges from 0 to -6.00D in 0.25D steps (0 to -8.00D with auxiliary lens). The cylinder axis ranges from 0°-180° in 5° steps.

  • Cross Cylinder ( ±0.25)
  • The cross cylinder loupe is synchronized with the control knob to easily change the cylinder lens axis.

  • Corneal Aligning Device
  • Used to align the corneal vertex of the patient and set the patient’s cornea in the correct position (at 12mm). Measurement should be made at the “0” position of the scale.

  • Convergence System
  • Converge the system for near testing by placing the levers inward and test for distance when the levers are placed outward.

  • Rotary Prism
  • 0-20∆ in 1∆ steps allows for vertical and horizontal measurements.

  • Near point scale and Chart
  • The Near Point Chart contains a rotatable disc with 12 kinds of tests on both sides. The chart is set on a rod which can be measured in cm, in or diopters. The rod is 67cm (26.4in) in length.

  • Accessory Lenses
  • Three types of spare lens are included:-2.00CYL, -0.12CYL and 0.0CYL
  • Spherical Lens: -19.00DS to +16.75DS in 0.25D steps (0.12D steps with auxiliary lens)
  • Cylindrical Lens: 0 to -6.00D in 0.25 D steps (0 to -8.00D and in 0.12D steps with auxiliary lens
  • Axis of Cylindrical Lens: 5° steps
  • Cross Cylindrical Lens: ±0.25D
  • Rotary Prism: Range of measurement 0, -20Δ, Step 1Δ
  • Pupil Distance: Range 50mm ~ 75mm, Step 1mm
  • Aggregated Adjustment: 00, 380mm
  • Adjustment of Forehead Rest: 16mm
  • Vertex Distance: 13.75mm
  • Overall Dimensions: 335mm (L), 320mm (W), 90mm (H)
  • Weight: 5kg / 11 lb.

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