Zeiss 750 Visual Field Perimeter
Zeiss 750 Visual Field Perimeter
Zeiss 750 Visual Field Perimeter
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Zeiss Humphrey 750 Perimeter (Visual Field Analyzer II)

The Humphrey Zeiss 750 perimeter includes all available VFA features, plus head tracking with automatically aligns the patients head during the test, keeping the eye aligned in the trial lens. Automatic vertex monitoring alerts the operator when the patient backs away from the instrument. Automatic pupil measurement accurately measures the pupil size. A 1.1 GB hard drive with streamer tape backup is provided for increase storage capacity and patient data backup security. Blue- Yellow testing and key board is standard on the model Humphrey 750 perimeter. Free future enhancements include STATPAC for Blue- Yellow, Kinetic testing, and custom testing.

This is the EMS video blog on the Zeiss HFA Visual Field. Remarkably affordable, this product brings visual field testing to any size practice, even the smallest. In addition to fast supra-threshold testing, it also conducts threshold testing complete with statistical analysis in about four minutes.